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Jill Mason and Alan Liu were hit by a drunk driver while training for a triathlon on their bicycles in Santa Rosa the morning of Easter Sunday, April 11, 2004. Alan was killed and is lovingly remembered by family and friends. Additional information regarding Alan can be found on the Mountain View Masters web site.

Jill, now paralyzed with a traumatic brain injury, is charged with communicating the consequenses of driving while impaired to schools all over Northern California, and has written a book about her experience. See the book at Amazon.com. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation, please email Jill.

Tell everyone you know not to drink and drive and buy Jill's book @ Amazon.com!

Jill has a strong love of life and it's this love that gives her the strength and determination that we all know she possesses. She's a fighter and she won't give up.
Schedule a presentation about drunk driving or send a message to Jill.

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